Here are both the 2008 & 2015 of the vocal stems use however you wish, Injoy 🙂

Lyrics: Itom Lab

I am light
I am infinite
I’m the channel
that’s expanding
the psychedelic vibration in unity
I am activating the resonance
I’m galactic, radiant & defined

electric, lunar
magnetic, planetary
balanced, organized & connected
I’m inspired, in harmony, integrity
i am the perfect manifestation

dissolving, releasing
liberated, dedicated & universalized
while enduring this transcending mantra
i am an earth-ling communicating in spirit
i’m breathing the cosmic essence & power

i am action in dreaming
abundance & intuition
extreme, internal & external
Eye am flowering & life force

I am spiraling art
accomplishing healing with elegance
pure love that’s coinciding
I am magic and magician in the illusion

I am exploring space and time
waking life, vivid
& enchanting timelessness of
incomplete infinite design
alien & human
receptive vision
I am mindful energy
questioning & answering
I am fearless & an intelligent evolution

Eye am opening my 3rd eye
to the unseen vision
translating synchronicity
reflecting endlessness
order and chaos
I am the tao
crystalized & self generation
affirming that I am enlightened
a tone, color & electronic
lunar + solar – opposite + polar

I am liberated
perfect & pulsing
I am realizing that
I am the 1 because the 1 are all
In the form of the infinite nothing
that becomes the everything
I am the divine spirit that harmonizes with the laws
projecting the digital loom
the tool of experiencing desire
and finding ecstasy in process
Eye am Me, We are You