A sonic journey into the stars with conscious compositions of electronic music hybrid with organic sounds. To unify the high vibrant energies of song and dance with a collective vision of light. Mid tempo bouncing temple whomps with sizzling electronics and arpeggiating sequences sets the tone for an internal mind journey and an external body groove that lights up the spirit.

From Los Angeles, Itom Lab is not your average electronic producer. His blend of music is unpredictable and experimental, blending elements as organic diverse spiritual, glitch-whomp, psychedelia and tribal to create an evocative sound that appeals to the most primitive part of the intellect: the one that feels more and thinks less.

This music is a gateway to a broader emotional landscape, were the sacredness of it all is engaged through colors, shapes and patterns from here to infinity…and beyond. Thinking and feeling outside the music box, producing music without any regardless for genre definitions and limits, but only for his inner creativity flow. His self-defined blend of GalacTemple / Lotustep / SpiritWhomp is a sonic wonderland of sound design.

Music Label: Invibe Music

Bachelor Degree in Media Arts from <em>Art Institute of Santa Monica and Graduate from Recording Workshop creates knowledge of the digital artistry that makes up the sounds from the Lab. Engineer/Producer in various studios in California and professional sound designer.

Touring References: Lightening in a Bottle, Burningman, Lucidity, Unify, Drawing the Moon, Indigo Vortex, Rainbow Vortex,  Asteria, Summer Skullstice, Temple of Visions, LA Decom, The Hive, Ecstatic Dances in Hilo, Honokaa and Keau on the Big Island of Hawaii, Full Moon Gatherings, Desert Parties, Ceremony and beyond.