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"The Journey Is the Destination"
Now available

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- Resonant Mind -
Merkaba Music

New Lab Music

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Dance Of Ascension

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Itom Lab
Returns to LIB 2015

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"Dragon Scales"
Now Available

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Lost In Sound 2015

Anchor Hill, Asher Fulero Band ,
Asteroids & Earthquakes, ARKMprime, AtYyA,
bioLuMigen, Craftal, Cualli, D.V.S*, Dillard, Variant,
DMVU -DamnesiaVu - DamnesiaVu, DROVE,
DRRTYWULVZ, eelko, Erothyme, Esseks, FXD A/V,
Iant.,Icaro, Itom Lab, Jackson Whalan, Cicada Jade &
Smigonaut, Kalpataru Tree , Kalya Scintilla, Kial,
LuneCell, Messenger of Secrets, Mindex, PERICLES,
PropLydz, Radioactive Sandwich, Resonant Language,
Schlang, Shanti, Soulacybin, Soulular, Sovereign,
Sub:Conscious,Technicolor Lenses,
The Digital Connection,The Widdler,Trisicloplox,
Wasteman, White Robot, Depth Connection.

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Lab Remix
"The Embrace of Samadhi"
- Desert Dwellers -
The Wandering Remixes

Galactic Mantra vocal stems available to remix <3

Here are both the 2008 & 2015 of the vocal stems use however you wish, Injoy Lyrics: Itom Lab I am light I am infinite I’m the channel that’s expanding the psychedelic vibration in unity I am activating the resonance I’m galactic, radiant & defined electric,... read more

THE COSMIC CABARET – Dance Of Ascension

EQUINOX – FULL MOON CEREMONY and SPELL CASTING! Begin your transformation NOW! Its all about ASCENSION to the next level of being! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and now is the time… Were calling in TRANSFORMATION to our higher selves, a... read more

Quantum Flux III | Arkansas

Flux Festivals is here to bring you our 3rd-year anniversary music and arts extravaganza, Quantum Flux! It’s incredible to see how far we have come these past three years, how we have evolved from a small group in a backyard, to a huge, diverse family spread... read more

Firefly Afterglow

Firefly Gatherings returns to Gateway Ranch to celebrate and give thanks, rekindling our fires to burn brighter than ever! Taking place on the Full Blue Moon, this an incredible opportunity to bring the intentions placed during our magical weekend at Firefly to... read more

Live in LA | Purple33

Join us on Saturday June 6th from 6-10pm for an art opening like no other. We bring you a fantastic group of artists that are the ones feeding higher consciousness thought-forms into the minds of humanity through their paintings, mixed media, video and photography to... read more

Schedule is up for LIB

Schedule is up for LIB. Catch me Friday night at 1:30 am at the TEMPLE   Super stoked to bring the fresh Lab tunes for the new CD this year. LIB is always such a special magical event for me every... read more

Lost In Sound 2015 Comp

Lost In Sound 2015 Comp out NOW! The new LostinSound 2015 comp is out and it’s STACKED with super yummy sonic eargasms by the following audio wizards > Anchor Hill, Asher Fulero Band , Asteroids and Earthquakes ARKMprime, AtYyA, bioLuMigen, Craftal, Cualli, D.V.S*,... read more

“Dragon Scales” is now available.

It’s ALIVE!!! I’m honored to release this CD to the world today. This is a sonic journey of dreamscapes, elemental sounds with water, rain, ocean waves, air, birds, ect. filling the ambient space behind the Hang. I feel really good about the locations they were... read more