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Itom Lab
Returns to LIB 2015

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- Resonant Mind -
Merkaba Music

New Lab Music

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"Dragon Scales"
Now Available

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"The Journey Is the Destination"
Set to release in the
summer of 2015

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Lab Remix
"The Embrace of Samadhi"
- Desert Dwellers -
The Wandering Remixes

“Dragon Scales” is now available.

It’s ALIVE!!! I’m honored to release this CD to the world today. This is a sonic journey of dreamscapes, elemental sounds with water, rain, ocean waves, air, birds, ect. filling the ambient space behind the Hang. I feel really good about the locations they were... read more

Bashar | Los Angeles

I will be performing live Hang at the Bashar events in Los Angeles  <3 “The Awakening”  |  “The Passion Principle”   |  “Living an Extraordinary Life” Light Technology Provided by Kirby Seid LOCATION: The Beverly Garland – 4222 Vineland... read more

Firefly Gathering 2014

Firefly commences on the Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius. This spawns action, adventure, spontaneity, philosophy and inspiration. Flagstaff is in the midst of the world’s largest Ponderosa Pine forest. Firefly is intentionally designed to inspire profound positive... read more