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“Dragon Scales” is now available.

It’s ALIVE!!! I’m honored to release this CD to the world today. This is a sonic journey of dreamscapes, elemental sounds with water, rain, ocean waves, air, birds, ect. filling the ambient space behind the Hang. I feel really good about the locations they were performed in, Mt.Shasta, Sedona & Hermosa Beach. It really brings in the energy of these sacred locations and to me it shines the memory of the dreamy moments captured. 11 tracks for only $1.99, I just want this to be out there in the world. Love you ALL – Injoy


Live Hang performance with Einstein the Ancient Crystal Skull in Los Angeles


Itom Lab & Bashar | Los Angeles

Another journey into the 5th dimension with Bashar. The Interstellar Enneagram (~*~) Sept. 26, 27 & 28th 2014. More info at


Starcamp 2014

Star Camp Shasta 2014 Aug 22-24 at Mt.Shasta

Birds of Paradise – Itom Lab – Mystal – Nanda – Dave Sweeten & tons more.


Project Art | Friday night at KingKing in Hollywood

Project Art presents an amazing night to remember celebrating film, music, live painters, flow art performances, and all other awesomeness!


Galactic Mantra remix by Paul Oakenfold

Cool remix of the Galactic Mantra by Paul Oakenfold from his CD “Never Mind the Bollocks”

Listen to it HERE >


“Annanika” @ 432Hz on Resonant Mind | Merkaba Music

Here’s the full track “Annanika” @ 432Hz  to check out I did on “Resonant Mind” Injoy ;)  You can find the whole release on Addictech.

Bashar | Los Angeles

I will be performing live Hang at the Bashar events in Los Angeles  <3

“The Awakening”  |  “The Passion Principle”   “Living an Extraordinary Life”

Light Technology Provided by Kirby Seid

LOCATION: The Beverly Garland – 4222 Vineland Ave – North Hollywood, CA 91602

Bashar June

Firefly Gathering 2014

Firefly commences on the Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius. This spawns action, adventure, spontaneity, philosophy and inspiration. Flagstaff is in the midst of the world’s largest Ponderosa Pine forest. Firefly is intentionally designed to inspire profound positive growth in each attendee. Prepare to immerse yourself in a magical wonderland for all ages and make lifelong connections, deep realizations, and blissful, heart expanding celebration. Firefly is about spiritual communion, creative inspiration, and fully celebrating life.


Lightning in a Bottle 2014

I’m stoked to be returning to LIB 2014  d(~*~)b


Luminous Movement | Santa Monica


It’s Wednesday again and we are bringing you a night of something extra hype for you BASS HEADS and party people in da place! Get extra hype for the Luminous Movement debut of BRIDGE THEORY, plus the mystical journey of iTOM LAB and the hyphy beats and sounds of LUXE LAREDO! Ahhhh yeah, it’s on!!!


LunarBurn 2014 – “The Torus Convergence”

The mission of LunarBurn is to combine art, music, and community into an awe-inspiring annual event that attempts to unite people through the observation and celebration of celestial activities. We combine the spirituality of full moon gatherings with the essence of a community, participation-based event. We adhere to the 10 Principles, with a focus on three main values: Community, Cosmos, and Enlightenment!


Gaia Flux: A Quantum Family Earth Day Fest

In honor of our planet, The Quantum Flux community is proud to present our Spring festival, Gaia Flux! From the engulfing sounds of musical wizards, to the detailed expressions of dedicated artists, we have a lot in store for you. We are bringing together an amazing collective of passionate people who want nothing more than to show you their world. We have fire dancers, live painters, canoe rides, huge sound, magical visuals, organic food, hand made wonders from multiple vendors, musicians and DJs from across the nation, and workshops on a variety of interesting topics you will absolutely love. Quantum Flux hopes to bring you an incredible journey, right in the middle of our beautiful, Arkansas woods.


Hill Tribe Council – A Festival Celebrating Visionary Culture

Hill Tribe Council, a one day/one night celebration of visionary culture happening at beautiful Mountain Creek River Resort. The event will feature several nationally touring electronic music artists as well as a few regional acts with top notch stage design & sound. Activities will include a keynote talk on the scientific and spiritual attributes of crystals led by Skytree, a sound healing/yoga session, live visionary art from national and regional artists, kundalini yoga, a river float, healers village, and much more. Camping is included in the ticket price.



SolPurpose Interview: Electronic Shamanism .:. Itom Lab

SolPurpose interview with Itom Lab by the amazing Aluna Verse.



The Temple of Whollyness | Los Angeles

Come one, come all to the first 2013 Temple of Whollyness fundraising party in LA!

ItomLab – Auditory Canvas – Heavenly Father -  Bartek – Rhythmstar -  Marcos – Shawni -  Yuca Soul live Tribal drumming  -  More >


Live at BASS Mtn

BASS Mtn.  Excited to be throwing down in this super sweet lineup <3
Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 10.22.23 AM

Live at Lightning in a Bottle 2013

Excited to be sharing music space at LIB 2013 <3


Firefly Gathering

Catch me Saturday night at 1 am at Firefly Gathering. Holy Vortexes Batman <3


I.AM.LIFE | Luminous Movement at Zanzibar


I.AM.LIFE | Luminous Movement at Zanzibar
Join us for another life-affirming celebration with:

Itomb Lab :: Terrakroma :: Earth Wake :: Avari
The Love Mob :: Generation Waking Up

Visuals ~ Abhi Thati :: Michael Strauss
I.AM.LIFE is a youth empowerment project utilizing life-affirming art, music & media to inspire and empower youth to take personal responsibility for life.

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